Laureen Deibert

Guitarist and Singer

She began playing the electric guitar in her high school stage band at age 16, and has played music all over the world - including pubs in Florence, Italy. entertaining friends in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark with her California Folk sound, back in the 80's.

Here in Charleston, she has played as a member of the Wing Nuts, with Al Wall and Ferris Williams in Sugar Hill, and is currently the "front man” for Dreamland Party Band, a popular classic Rock band that has played together since 2010.

She keeps both Wildflower Station and Dreamland together with her love of music, love of her bandmates, and ability to lead.

Dan Photo 2 001

Dan Mead

Guitarist and Singer

As a kid growing up in Northern Virginia, Dan was inspired by the Beatles and bought his first guitar at age 10.  He started a band with a group of friends in 1974 calling themselves Tennessee Flying Goose, that went on to play some notable Washington, D.C. area venues such as The Birchmere and Wolf Trap Farm Park.   During and after college, in cities across the U.S., Dan raised a family, and played solo gigs here and there, as well as writing several of his own songs.  Arriving in Charleston in 2014, Dan hooked up with 4 other guys and formed a group called Strawberry Lane, a Beatle cover band.  He loves performing live and playing his favorite music that has helped shaped his style and sound today.

You will have see him all around Charleston, playing at various venues; his vocals & guitar playing are one of a kind.


Ferris Williams

Lead Bass Guitarist

Ferris entertained the troops at Service Clubs in both Vietnam and Germany where he was stationed in the Army. He has played in Blues Bands, Rock Bands, and in Detroit & Chicago, in a very popular wedding band called the Fifth Set . Since the 90's, he teamed with Al Wall and Sugar Hill.

He has an incredible memory of millions of songs - name it, he'll play it!  Ferris also is lead guitarist in Dreamland Party Band, starting the band with Laureen when she left Sugar Hill to start a rock band.

Ferris plays lead with a great "Chet Atkins" picking style that not too many can emulate.  He is truly a joy to watch.