Laureen Deibert

Guitarist and Singer

She began playing the electric guitar in her high school stage band at age 16, and has played music all over the world. Here in Charleston, she has played as a member of the Wing Nuts, with Al Wall and Ferris Williams in Sugar Hill, and is currently the "front man” for Dreamland Band, a popular classic Rock band.


Chris Kottyan

Guitarist and Singer

She has played music since she was able to stand. She comes from a musical family, and she and her sisters formed a band Willow that played in various cities across the nation. Chris sings and plays guitar in Wildflower Station.


Ferris Williams

Lead Bass Guitarist

Also lead guitarist for Dreamland Band. A musician since 1957, Ferris entertained the troops at Service Clubs in both Vietnam and Germany where he was stationed in the Army. He has played in Blues Bands, Rock Bands, and in Detroit & Chicago, in a very popular wedding band called the Fifth Set . Since the 90's, he teamed with Al Wall and Sugar Hill.